Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day special...

Mother's day special dish for qaseh yesterday was a carrot porridge..qaseh loves it so much,abis satu mangkuk.papa pun excited sgt smp papa xsaba nak suap qaseh makan..after qaseh had her lunch,then qaseh tido smp petang..mungkin akibat terlalu kenyang..ptg tu papa decided nak bawak qaseh pegi pusing2 and end up to the playground again..qaseh punyela happy,dpt main permainan kt situ plus dpt mkn ice-cream!!

Today mama make a carrot+broccoli porridge for qaseh..nak try something different from yesterday..TQ to Opah for the recipe..anak mama makan abis satu mangkuk and mama pun try sket,mmm sedap gak ek..hehehe..

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